Workshop 2010

Biodegradable Municipal Waste Workshop 2010
The EPA held a workshop on 24th June 2010, the objective of which was to present information to landfills operators and other stakeholders in relation to the calculation and reporting of BMW disposed of at landfills. View the presentations from the day below


Jonathan DerhamMunicipal Waste Characterisation Studies and Derivation of Factors
Jonathan Derham, Senior Inspector, Office of Climate, Licensing & Resource Use, EPA
Jim MoriartySurveys of Mechanical Treatment Facilities and Derivation of Factors
Jim Moriarty, Manager, Environmental Enforcement (Waste), Office of Environmental Enforcement (OEE)
Olivier GaillotSampling Protocols for the Evaluation of BMW sent to Landfill
Olivier Gaillot, Technical Director, RPS
Regina CampbellReporting Requirements to the EPA of BMW Landfilled
Regina Campbell
Bernard HydeReporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Landfills
Bernard Hyde, Inspector, OCLR, EPA
Valerie DoyleAER/PRTR Reporting - Overview
Valerie Doyle, Senior Inspector, Office of Environmaental Enforecement.