Ireland's Sustainable Future

Ireland's Sustainable Future 2010
In June 2010, two of Ireland's leading economic and environmental commentators - John FitzGerald (ESRI) and Frank Convery (COMHAR) addressed an EPA public lecture at the Mansion House, Dublin on future priorities for Ireland to develop in line with sustainable development principles.
These talks discussed the use of pricing to influence behaviours, the importance of research & innovation and the possibility of establishing a water utility to manage water services.
The speakers highlighted the need to be careful in not promising too much or aiming too high as this could discredit the policy changes that are essential to protect and develop our environment.


Prof. Frank ConveryProf. Frank Convery, COMHAR Sustainable Development Council
Frank Convery is Chair of Comhar, the Sustainable Development Council and Director of the Earth Systems Institute at UCD.
Prof. John FitzGeraldProf. John FitzGerald
John FitzGerald leads ESRI research activities on Macroeconomics, Energy and Environment. He is responsible for the Institute's Energy Policy Research Centre and is the president of the Irish Economic Association.