Environment, Health & Wellbeing Virtual Conference
Evolving and emerging environmental challenges for our health and our wellbeing.

Vision & Purpose of Conference: To share and discuss implementation challenges relevant to the Environment, Health & Wellbeing policy nexus.

Hosted by: Laura Burke, Director General, EPA,
Dr Stephanie O’Keeffe, National, Director of Strategic Transformation and Planning, HSE,
Prof. Alan Barrett, Director of the ESRI


Martin AdamsHealthy environment, healthy lives
Martin Adams, Head of Health and Sustainable Resource Use, European Environment Agency
Prof. Michael DepledgeEU ambitions for a non-Toxic Environment
Prof. Michael Depledge, European Centre for Environment & Human Health, Medical School, Exeter University
Rosarie LynchiNAP1 (Human Healthcare)
Rosarie Lynch, Head of Patient Safety Surveillance, National Patient Safety Office, Department of Health
Dr Caroline GarvaniNAP1 (Animal Healthcare)
Dr Caroline Garvan, Superintending Veterinary Inspector, AMR Division, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
Prof. Dearbháile MorrisAntimicrobial Resistance and the Environment
Prof. Dearbháile Morris, NUI Galway, AREST AMR Research Project Team
Dr Pete LunnCollective Action Problems in Healthcare and Environmental policy areas
Dr Pete Lunn, Behavioural Sciences Unit, ESRI